Often business owners think that Call Recording is something that is used in a Call Centre with hundreds of agents handling hundreds of calls, but this really isn't the case. Call Recording brings so much value to a business, regardless of size, there are lots of benefits and it is actually very affordable. This months blog will explain what Call Recording is, how it would benefit your business and how you go about implementing it. 
So, What is Call Recording? 
Call Recording is technology that enables a business to keep a record of what was said and by whom. It records telephone conversations delivered over the PSTN or VoIP networks in a digital file format. These calls can easily be selected and played back for you to review and action. 
What Benefits does Call Recording Deliver to your Business? 
Pretty much all of the benefits we are about to list will have some relevance and value to all businesses, regardless of size or industry. 
Staff Performance & Monitoring - Managers can use Call Recording to listen to calls to help assess staff performance that can then be used in appraisals. By listening to the calls, you will be able to identify employees strengths and areas of development that you can monitor and appraise. This will help ensure that you are always getting the best performance out of your employees. 
Campaign Management & Evaluation - Listening back to calls means that you can monitor responses to campaign marketing, to evaluate performance and understand customer needs. Also by using speech analytics, you can search through calls to see if staff have talked about your promotion or identify calls where the keyword or phrase wasn't even mentioned.  
Training Support - Sitting with a colleague and playing back some of the calls they have taken over the month means you can talk about different ways of handling the call to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.  
Improve Customer Service - By listening to the calls taking place in your business you get a true picture of your customers' experience of your business. Were the customers' expectations met? Was the call handled correctly? Could there be any improvement? By constantly listening to the calls and feeding back to the team, you will significantly improve the service that your customer receives. 
Improve Efficiency - You can link recordings to your CRM directly rather than having to spend additional time typing up the notes to make a record of what was said. This provides an accurate log of the conversation. 
Regulation & Compliance - Many industries are regulated and calls HAVE to be recorded or encrypted. Call Recording software provides your business with the tools you need to comply with the regulations. 
Dispute Resolution - By listening back to the telephone conversation in question, you can identify what was said and by whom. This can save businesses lots of time and money trying to resolve issues. 
To demonstrate how these benefits can bring value to your business, we will focus on some different industry sectors to show how Call Recording works for their business. 
Doctors & Dental Practices - Many Medical Centres now use Call Recording. It helps with the confirmation of verbal appointments and any amendments made verbally, it will record repeat prescription requests, records information given to a relative. Recordings can be passed onto a Doctor so that they can listen to the symptoms being explained and offer advice based on the information presented in the call. Call Recording is also very useful for resolving patient disputes and to support staff training. 
Car Dealerships - Call Recording records payment details given over the phone, helps with dispute resolution with the Service and Parts departments and supports staff training. 
Finance - FSA Compliant, PCI Compliant, secure and encrypted recordings, quickly resolves disputes, supports staff training and improves customer service. 
So How is Call Recording Deployed? 
There are two ways that Call Recording can be deployed. It can be as an on-premise solution or via the cloud. On-premise can be added to your existing telephony solution such as ISDN and analogue lines. It is a server on site that is connected to the telephone system and recordings are stored and accessed locally. Cloud based Call Recording is primarily an IP telephony solution using SIP trunks or Hosted. Recordings are stored in the cloud and can be accessed via a Web-Portal. 
Like with all purchases, you need to make sure you use a good supplier who is confident with the technology. Ask for a demonstration to have a look at the Call Recordings functionality and ease of use. Speak to their existing customers who are using their Call Recording solution to find out how it is enhancing their business. Finally, make sure that the Call Recording Software can expand with your business as you don't want to invest in a product that you will outgrow. 
At DCS Voice & Vision we know about Call Recording - to find out more simply fill in our contact form and the team will come straight back to you. 
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