How does a business go about choosing the right solution to effectively connect their business to the internet and the cloud? There are lots of different options available but the focus of this months blog is broadband and ethernet. Here we will look at the benefits and flaws of each offering to help you decide which one is a better fit for your business.  
It is hard to remember a time without the internet and some of the younger readers won't be able to imagine a world without it. The use of the internet has changed significantly since 1991 when it was first made available to the public. The way we use it and access it moves on all the time. A business relies on connectivity to support all their systems and communication tools so that they can run their business effectively. Businesses rely on systems like CRM, accounting packages and telephony to operate and as more and more are going up into the cloud, connectivity is more important than ever. So lets look at broadband and ethernet in more detail. 
Broadband is often called ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). It is delivered over a phone line and offers you the capabilities to upload and download data. You get more bandwidth to download than upload and it is the perfect fit for residential use (such as downloading films, music etc). However lots of businesses use broadband too, but what are the benefits and flaws of broadband for business use. 
Accessibilty - Because it is delivered via the telephony infrastructure broadband is widely available. 
Affordability - In a highly competitive market broadband is extremely affordable. 
Performance - It delivers download speeds of up to 24 Mb/s 
Delivery - If your business is located a long way from the exchange then this will effect the speed of your service. 
Congestion - As broadband uses a shared public network, often businesses can see a drop in quality of service at busy time of the day. Business users will suffer if their provider focuses on residential users. When traffic increases (after school for example) the speed of business connections drop off. 
So lets look at the alternative to broadband - ethernet. 
Ethernet is provided using fibre optic cables which is a far more robust way to connect to the internet. It can offer very high bandwidth services and is provided via a dedicated network. A business does not have to share its bandwidth with any other business or user. 
Fit for purpose - Ethernet has been designed for businesses. It takes into consideration the way businesses use the internet and is more robust than broadband which is designed for residential use. 
Service Delivery - Availability is often is excess of 99.9% and in the are event of a fault ethernet SLA's (Service Level Agreements) might typically be a few hours compared to a fix time of 1 or 2 days on broadband. 
Congestion free - By deploying an ethernet connection a business does not share its connectivity with anyone else. It provides an easy and hassle free, high volume transmission even during peak times of the day. 
Cost - Ethernet is a lot more expensive than broadband. 
Longer install time - The lead time for an ethernet installation is often longer than broadband. 
To help you decide which connection is right for your business you firstly need to decide how vital the internet is to your business. Often businesses make the mistake of going for broadband because it is so cheap, but are they really getting the product that meets their businesses requirements. If you are a small business operating from home then often residential broadband works just fine but if you are running a larger office that makes more demands on the internet then can you afford to have a residential broadband connection? Ethernet is a more expensive solution but in return you will get a robust service which will increase efficiency and productivity and be more reliable.  
To find out more about the different types of connectivity available to you call the team now on 01582 488998 
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